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Yes, I am still here!


I just had nothing much to report.  But now I can wish all you fans of my books (and anyone else glancing at this page) the very best and happiest celebration of the festival of your choice—from Janet and me, and also from Inos & Rap, Jja & Shonsu, Edward & Alice Exeter, Durendal, Aunt Kade, &&&. And also (latest but not least) Tempest Fugit & “Cannon” Ball.

9 thoughts on “Yes, I am still here!”

  1. Wishing you a fantastic 2017 Mr Duncan. Here’s to many more fun adventures in the year to come.
    I also have the entire Blades collection on my “to read again soon” pile, and your latest books on my wish-list.

  2. I hope the coming year sees you comfortable and content. I spent part of the holiday evenings which are often somewhat tortuous at my inlaws home re-reading A Man of his Word. I hadn’t quite appreciated the ending of Perilous Seas before, and it was a great pleasure to visit the old familiar friends. And indeed as if my wife’s father had himself heard a word of power, all the food, wine and company this year was a cut above any other.

    I have just turned on the computer to prepare to return to work on the morrow to find a pre-order email from Amazon for Portal of a Thousand Worlds. That’s the second new announcement from authors I greatly enjoy coming in February!
    So to paraphrase, may your family flourish, your happiness increase, and all your novels fly true

    1. Thanks to all! Like many people, I hope 2017 will be better than 2016. A longtime friend of ours died on Dec 30. Our toast (Janet and I) is always TO NEXT YEAR, MAY WE STILL BE HERE! And you likewise.

  3. Hello Dave!

    Happy New Year and best wishes.
    I remeber reading and editing? your first book “A Red-Rose City.

    Still enjoying each one of your new releases.

    Best to you, Janet and Clan.

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