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Trilogy Completed!


It's about ten years since I last wrote The End on Book Three of a trilogy (The Alchemist's Pursuit) unless you count my three YA stories about The Runner. Indeed I never thought I would attempt another threesome.  I am therefore very happy to have done so once more, having just turned in to Night Shade Books, Merlin Redux, the final book of "The Enchanter General."  Volume One, Ironfoot, will be published this coming October in both paperback and hardcover.

6 thoughts on “Trilogy Completed!”

  1. That’s great news! Christmas in September. Since I have read all of your trilogies so far, I will definitely be reading this one. Thanks for the good news!

  2. This is highly exciting news. Every release of yours brightens up my week, literally – the anticipation and the build-up make work much more fun, and then the glow of a brilliant read make the following few days just as wonderful. And with velvet Glove I now have 4 guaranteed weeks of joy to come!

    1. It isn’t a secret, and I think the only reason I haven’t mentioned it is that I didn’t have room in the “New and Forthcoming” slot on the books page. The second book is Trial by Treason, tentatively scheduled for September 2018. A nice feature of this series is that we watch Durwin growing from youth to senior statesman.

      1. This is excellent news. I love the narrative style of Gilded Chain; Durendal is of course an amazingly-written character but to follow his life as we do in a single volume is incredibly enjoyable – I’ve reread it so often that I can probably quote entire passages by now. To have a life story spread out a little more, wlel – I’m very much looking forward to this.

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