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The Blades Have Escaped!


One Velvet Glove, although scheduled for release in February, 2018, is already available as an e-book from Amazon. (Kindle).  Consider it an accidental Christmas gift. Enjoy!

5 thoughts on “The Blades Have Escaped!”

  1. Hooray!!! Thank you!!
    We are currently reading, “Daughter of Troy” – well actually I’m reading it aloud to the hubby and our four kiddos as we drive to the beach house for the holiday. (Yes, I’m skipping the more scintillating parts, but I know my handsome man and I will snuggle down in bed tonight after the kiddos drift off and will go back and read those pages side-by-side.). We absolutely adore your books. Genius! Many blessings for your health!

    1. I think that is the only title I haven’t managed to find digitised, either through official eBooks or the library for the blind which handles electronic Braille. I have a paperback which I will need to scan and proof; a task which takes time and delicacy. I am savoring the slavery for a rainy day, for I know it will be a labour of love

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