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To Boldly Go...

I am most hugely happy to announce that BOTH the novels I submitted to the Endeavour Award have been short-listed. No writer has managed this before. The books, both published last year, are Ironfoot and Portal of a Thousand Worlds. The winner will not be announced until November 9th. By then I won’t have any finger nails left.

Posted: July 12, 2018

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July promotion

My Historical Fantasy trilogy The Years of Longdirk will be sold at a one-day special price of $2.99 on July 18th.  (US only.)

Posted: July 2, 2018

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As Far as the Eye Can See

I wasn’t planning to announce this for a while (like maybe a year) but I have written another Blades book, The Ethical Swordsman, and sold it to Five Rivers Publishing, who put out my One Velvet Glove earlier this year. (That tells you that OVG sold well.) The bad news is that the new book is not scheduled for publication until 2020. 2019 is reserved for Pillar of Darkness. As I said, I wasn’t planning to mention it yet, but Five Rivers has issued an announcement bragging about it. Hang in there, please, friends.

Posted: June 23, 2018

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Endangered Species

I always regret that my SF books are less popular than my Fantasy. SF actually takes more work to write! Personally, I believe that my output is equally readable in either genre. I am fortunate that every one of my published books is still available, but I fear that this situation is likely to change in the near future. E-books do have a slight maintenance cost, and contracts allow publishers to discontinue them when profits turn negative. Two books that I especially love and that I believe may be at risk are Pock’s World and Wildcatter. Both are SF, but if you are a fan of my writing, please do try these. I promise that you will meet some lovable characters (in hateful situations, of course).

Posted: May 21, 2018

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Another book to look forward to

This blog must be the skinniest since Kilroy, whom most of you won't remember.  To liven it up a little, I've added news of another book in the mill: Pillar of Darkness.

Posted: April 20, 2018

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Ironfoot Sequel

I have posted the opening chapter of Trial by Treason , to be published by Night Shade Books in October 2018. (Call me a sadist--see if I care!)

Posted: February 12, 2018

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