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New Blades Book


I have just sold a new story about the King's Blades to Five Rivers Publishing.  Title is One Velvet Glove. Fans will recall that a Blade hero named Sir Spender turned up very early in Lord of the Fire Lands while returning the swords of two Blades who had died defending their ward in a faraway land.  He never reappeared and we never learned the details. But hang in there, and in a year or so all will be revealed!  I had great fun revisiting Chivial and all my first reader friends did too.  

16 thoughts on “New Blades Book”

  1. Oh yes, now this is good news!

    I need to do some re-reading, then. I could never decide if I liked Lord of the Fire Lands best. Or Paragon Lost. Or Impossible Odds…

    You’ve brightened up my Thursday no end!

  2. Oh that is the very best of news! Not only are they some of my very favourite books, but my almost-fourteen-year-old son is currently reading them (Impossible odds right now), and he is LOVING them too.

    I’ve had a long, rubbish week, and this just completely turned it around. thank you!

  3. I am incredibly excited to hear of a new book about the King’s Blades. Those tales were definitely some of my favorite, and I’ve been yearning for more; can’t wait to read the new one.

  4. I eagerly await a new paperback. I made the mistake of buying the Runner and the Kelpie and the Runner and the Saint and paid about $28 for two short stories. What a ripoff why so much for so little. I hear that mass paperbacks may be discontinued for the sake of profit and I object to this practice. I will stop reading authors that don’t produce paperbacks, you obviously don’t want my patronage.

    1. Blame technology, not me. I hate to see the absurd price tags on my books, but I don’t set the prices. So many people read e-books now that there aren’t enough paper customers to justify even mass market paperbacks. What you were buying are POD (print on demand), which are turned out one at a time. The only solutions are to borrow from a library or read e-pub books.

  5. This is fantastic news. I think the nature of the world of Chivial means that you could revisit that world repeatedly, “discovering” a new story and new characters each time. Delighted to hear it!

    1. You may be right, but I would get terribly bored writing them. Something I discovered about this new book AFTER I had written it, was that it covers one aspect of the Blades’ life cycle that has not met with much attention previously, and that is what happens after? Superb swordsmen, they are normally released from their binding at about 28 years of age, when they still have plenty of life left in them, but they get no pensions. Durendal became Lord Chancellor, of course. We know what happened to Sir Wolf, but he was unique also. “One Velvet Glove” begins with three men being dubbed knight and dismissed. Then the story kicks in.

  6. Looking forward to it 🙂 It’s not the only series of yours I have enjoyed (and I’ve also enjoyed some of the standalone books), but this series is a special one 🙂

  7. Mr. Duncan, I visit your site from time to time, and am not quite sure how I missed this! I am beyond excited.

    I was joking to myself when I typed in the site that I would have to run upstairs and wake up my wife and tell her there is a new Blade book coming out… Now I just might have to! I blame you sir!

    Thank you for brightening a snowy dreary evening here in the mid Atlantic. Best wishes for you in the coming year.

    1. Thanks for the confidence! I was worried that a revisit after so long away would turn out to be a damp squib, but my reader friends all said it was good, so keep your fingers crossed. (But don’t expect another Lord of the Fire Lands!)

  8. Originally I read all your books in the paper form and the reread them in ebook form. I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to see the King’s Blades in audio. I commute two hours a day now and listen to several books a month.

    1. I thought they were issued in voice form — by Audible — quite some time ago. I looked up the THE RELUNSTCNT SWORDSMAN and Audible lists it under THE SEVENTH SWORD series, so there is goof there. Try Audible’s listing and I think you’ll find it.

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