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Maps: Portal and others


If you purchased Portal of a Thousand Worlds  in any form of e-book you will receive within a few days a notice of a corrected free download, which will include the map that was accidentally omitted. If you bought a paper copy, that correction isn't possible.  However, the map of the Good Land has now been added to the Maps page of this website.  If you right-clink on the map you want and then left-click on "copy Image", you can post it to any file you want and print it out. It's not a perfect solution, but it is the best we could manage.

3 thoughts on “Maps: Portal and others”

    1. wholly unrelated, but I couldn’t find any other way to get a message to Dave.

      Just to say that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed your work over the years. I have several that I haven’t gotten around to reading yet (moved recently and still haven’t finished unpacking), but I’m looking forward to them.

      1. Danny: No need to apologize! I appreciate the feedback and ego-boost. I hope you enjoy the books you haven’t read yet, and those that are still to come.

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