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Ironfoot released!


Ironfoot small I began writing this book in September, 2011, and it ultimately turned out to be the start of a trilogy. It feels like a long time, but at last Durwin can limp out, onto the public stage.  He's only an apprentice enchanter still. In BOOK TWO, he will return as a full qualified sage. Read more about him HERE.

5 thoughts on “Ironfoot released!”

  1. I downloaded this book from Amazon last night (Oct. 10). I’m only a few chapters into it, and I’m hooked. Right now I’m torn between reading as fast as possible to see what happens, and reading slowly and savoring each paragraph. Thank you for taking me on another fantastic journey, Mr. Duncan!

  2. I’m also enjoying, 6 chapters in. Although startled to find that “dave duncan” peppers the text in unexpected places. Chapters 4,6 and 14 according to the search function. Letting you know in case it can be fixed, or alternatively for your amusement. Or preferably both.

    Congratulations on another fine book.

    1. Glad to hear you like it. If you still like it when you reach the end, please scatter some stars on it elsewhere. And I thank you for the error report, which I will pass on to the editors.

  3. My Kindle copy also has the sprinkling of Dave Duncan. Not that I’m complaining – I used to have to scan paperbacks to get them into Braille, and of course at the top of every other page you’d get the author’s name, so it was quite nostalgic. Very intriguing story, I admire the way you can take history and make so much magic from it. Very much enjoyed, thank you for another brilliant adventure.

  4. I only got notified by Amazon this weekend that Ironfoot was available and I finished reading it last night. I loved it. It was especially enjoyable as I just read another book set in the same time period (a generation later) with some of the same characters.

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