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I was released from hospital last week.  Am taking it easy at home, still trying to persuade my left hand to help with typing.  It's coming around—slowly!  Thanks for all the best wishes.

6 thoughts on “Home again”

  1. That’s great news! Perhaps you need another trip to the octogram. They’ll have you out-dueling that typewriter in no time!

  2. I got out Death on Nnanji again last night. My intent was to look at one certain scene again, and ended up reading it all. Still grabs me.

    So glad I have at least three more of yours still ahead of me, but plz-plz-plz keep writing!

  3. Met Don Maitz a couple weekends ago while I was a science guest at Philcon in Cherry Hill, NJ. My wife (book dealer) and I had several conversations with him and his author/artist wife (Janny Wurtz).

    Have you heard the stories behind his covers for your Magic Casement series? They are hysterical!

  4. I’ve obviously been out of the loop. Went back and read the story about your stroke and was horrified. Yes, I know it happens to lots of people, but I don’t want it to happen to people whose work I admire!

    I hope you continue to recover well. Take care!

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