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I hate to see August leave without any posts, but I can solve that by mentioning that Ironfoot has received great reviews from both Kirkus Reviews and Publishers Weekly.  Those are both well renowned and notoriously hard to please, friends!  And so on into September, with Ironfoot itself ever closer to publication.

11 thoughts on “Great Reviews”

  1. Mr. Duncan

    I just finished “Ironfoot” audiobook and it was absolutely brilliant. The wit and humor fit perfectly with the drama of the story. The magic was believable and not overdone like some historical fantasy series nor did it seem to be written for just the young adult demographic like most of these series are. If it was then this 47 year old just regained his youth of 30 years ago. Not a bad thing!

    It was my first Dave Duncan book and you sir have a new fan. Well done and I hope this will become a new series because “Ironfoot” was excellent!

    Having just become a enthusiastic new Dave Duncan fan I immediately went out and searched for your other work. I latched on to ”The Years of Longdirk” series and it had everything I love about historical fiction/fantasy. Then I heard the audio sample….

    Please demand that Audible redo “The Years of Longdirk” series with someone who can do at least a semi passable Scottish accent!

    Mirron Willis should never have been chosen to narrate this series. He has a great voice but casting him as narrator for this series was a horrible decision in my opinion. I fervently want to listen to all of this series but the current audio format makes my teeth grind like a millstone.

    Sorry to rant but I do think Audible has done you a major disservice in regards to “The Years of Longdirk” series and both you and the series deserve better.

    Sorry to have went on a rant but I truly enjoyed “Ironfoot” so much I instantly wanted to listen to “The Years of Longdirk”

    I was pleased to have found and purchased the “Omar” series though. I have just started it and I am very satisfied with it so far. Narrator Derek Perkins never disappoints nor does your writing Mr. Duncan.

    Thanks for being my next binge worthy author!

    Mike H

  2. Wallie says “hello”, smile. I just completed The Seventh Sword series. Reading this series was superbly bitter sweet. I couldn’t read fast enough, and sadly, my eye too frequently noted the number of diminishing pages. My highest praise. Storytelling at its best. Thank you for sharing. Best regards, Sande

    1. Hear hear. They were the first of your works I read and I must confess that a decade or so on I’ve reread them several times. I’m very much hoping to have ample opportunity to do so again in the future.

    1. I hadn’t noticed. Amazon lists the Audible version as free with a trial of some app or other, but apparently isn’t willing to sell it at any price. The mechanics of book sales these days would baffle a medieval logician.

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