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Better Late Than Never


The first of two books about the Brothers Magnus, Speak to the Devil, was published in hardcover in 2010.  Although it received excellent reviews, the mass market paperback did not follow.  The e-book is available, and now I hear that the paperback is to be released on December 6th.  If you enjoy swords and sorcery, this is your chance to find out what happens when a family can field both.

6 thoughts on “Better Late Than Never”

  1. Excellent news! I just can’t get on with hardbacks (they’re also a bit too bulky to carry around with me!), so paperback works for me.
    sounds like my kind of book too.

  2. I realize this is an older thread about an even older duology, but will we ever get any more Brothers Magnus books or should we resign ourselves to what exists now?

    1. Alas, no more! I wanted it to be a trilogy, and actually wrote it as such, but I had originally contracted for two books, so that was what the publisher insisted on. Books 2 & 3 had to be squeezed into one.

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