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August e-book Bargains


Aug 5: 4-book series "A Handful of Men" on for $2.99------- Aug 6: 4-book series "A Man of His Word" all US outlets for $2.99-------- Aug 17: 4-book series "The Seventh Sword" IN CANADA FOR $2.99------- Aug 18: Portal of a Thousand Worlds" US retailers for $1.99 THIS BOOK IS SHORTLISTED FOR THE 2018 ENDEAVOUR AWARD.

2 thoughts on “August e-book Bargains”

  1. Will we ever see all of the King’s Blades available electronically as we have so many of the other series, Dave? It warms my heart to now have three ‘The Complete series’ on my Kindle, but on amazon here, I can only get at 2 Blades novels and the daggers. I know there were issues with publishers.

    We’re having a minor heat wave in the UK – indeed I think Europe as a whole is either too hot or besieged by storms. In fact, just because I could, I sat in the hot sun and reread the opening chapters of Past Imperative. See? Even the weather makes me think of your books!!

  2. also has a number of your ebooks on sale, Dave. Among them, Against the Light at $1.91 and One Velvet Glove at $3.82

    Great deals!

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